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High-Quality Skin Care for Men: Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted by on 8/8/2017 to Skin Care      Share  | 
High-Quality Skin Care for Men: Here’s What You Need to Know
An increasing number of men are taking a more active role in promoting their skin’s health and appearance, but women remain the largest group of consumers in the skin care industry. If skin care companies direct their marketing efforts exclusively towards women, they create obstacles that keep men from updating their skin care routine, or even creating a regular routine in the first place. Consequently, men may be missing out on the latest ingredients and advancements in skin care. The reality is that if you want to see a dramatic improvement in your skin’s condition, you will need to adopt a high-quality skin care routine. This doesn’t mean spending lots of extra time getting ready in the morning, but it does mean that you may have to invest a little more time selecting the right products for your needs. Use this as a guide to help you find the highest quality skin care products and ingredients formulated to get your skin back on track.

Quality over Quantity

You have a lot of choices when it comes to personal care products. But you’re going to see much better results if you search out a product or two with high-quality ingredients, rather than trying random face washes or moisturizers, hoping to somehow “get it right.” Switching from product to product can have negative effects on your skin, including causing dryness, flaking, and even acne. Moreover, not every skin care product or ingredient is going to be appropriate for every skin type or condition. So if you’re using a face wash that contains drying ingredients, for example, yet you already have dry skin, you could be setting your complexion up for trouble. Similarly, heavy oils and other ingredients found in many drugstore moisturizers can contribute to clogged pores and make oily skin worse. Even though it may take a little more time to select your products at first, you’re going to save yourself wasted time and money in the long run by choosing your next skin care products based on the quality of their ingredients.

The Most Advanced Skin Care Ingredients to Look For

Although anti-wrinkle creams, moisturizers, face washes, and other skin care products come with all sorts of amazing claims on their packaging, none of those matter unless they are backed up by science. To avoid worsened skin conditions and a whole lot of headache, look for these scientifically-advanced skin care ingredients:
  • Amino acids. Amino acids have quickly taken the skin care industry by storm. When formulated properly, these powerful ingredients can improve virtually any skin concern that you could possibly have, including signs of aging, dark circles, sun damage, rashes, razor burn, dryness, flaking, oiliness, and even minor cuts and scrapes. Even better, since amino acids are already naturally present within your skin and throughout the body, they are safe and effective for even the most sensitive skin types [1].
  • Peptides. When between two and 50 amino acids combine, a larger compound called a peptide is formed [2]. The unique sequence of amino acids that are included in each peptide will determine its specific functions and properties. Peptides like Synthe’6, for example, can help to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, which is why this revolutionary ingredient is included in AminoGenesis products like Therapeutic Facial Repair and Really, Really Clean.
  • Antioxidants. Finally, antioxidants are incredibly important compounds to both improve previous skin damage and help to prevent further damage. That’s because antioxidants are able to neutralize harmful free radicals that could otherwise damage or destroy important proteins within the skin [3]. Many amino acids and peptides have strong antioxidant properties, including the sulfur-containing amino acids cysteine and methionine [4].

The Best Amino Acid Skin Care Products for Men

At AminoGenesis, we strive to offer the most precise formulations of cutting-edge ingredients for both men and women. Our AminoTherapy Daily Treatment formula for men takes into account the specific needs of men’s skin. It is designed to deliver necessary ingredients directly where the skin needs them to refresh a man’s complexion. For an allover formula specifically for men, you can also try HEFF, which has been specifically formulated with a unique blend of plant-based, free-form amino acids that men’s skin needs in order to thrive in any environment. In fact, HEFF is so effective that it has even been used and approved by U.S. Special Forces! [1] Cosmetic Ingredient Review [2] Encyclopedia Britannica [3] Livestrong [4] Yonsei Medical Journal