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What You Need to Know about Drinkable Collagen for Your Skin

Posted by on 7/25/2017 to Skin Care      Share  | 
What You Need to Know about Drinkable Collagen for Your Skin
The latest in skin care news is that a specific type of drinkable collagen may help to improve the appearance of skin. However, behind all the hype is some conflicting evidence of the ability of this substance to produce age-defying results. Before you jump on board with this new skin care craze, here’s what you need to know.

What Is Hydrolyzed Collagen?

The key to the latest research regarding ingestible collagen is that this ingredient needs to be in a hydrolyzed form, meaning that its components, which include amino acids, have been chemically “crushed” into very low molecular-weight fragments. The hope is that by using very small collagen particles, they will be more readily absorbed into the bloodstream in order to build collagen in the body. The theory is that it would consequently increase muscle mass, protect joints, and improve the look and feel of the skin [1]. For starters, though, if a drinkable collagen formula does not contain hydrolyzed collagen, it is very unlikely that your body will be able to benefit much at all because it can not absorb “intact” collagen via digestion. The digestion process must break it down into the constituent amino acids for absorption. Those components enter the general circulation to be used where needed [2]. Additionally, while collagen proteins do play a large role in many different functions within the human body, it is impossible to target a specific area of the body--such as joints, muscles, or skin--when ingesting it. In fact, the skin is the last organ to receive vital nutrients in times of stress, which can include directly after a very hard workout [3]. This means that your muscles would be more likely to benefit from a drinkable collagen solution than would your skin. As a result, drinking collagen is not the most effective way to reap the myriad of anti-aging benefits to your skin that the amino acids from collagen can offer.

A More Effective Solution to Anti-Aging Skin Care

Unlike drinkable collagen, topical amino acid skin care products can directly target the skin right where it needs a boost and deliver other anti-aging benefits as well. Rather than worrying about whether or not the collagen in your milkshake has been hydrolyzed, a more effective and simpler solution to getting the smoother, younger-looking complexion you want is to use an expertly-formulated amino acid skin care product that already contains free-form, bioavailable amino acids. AminoTherapy by AminoGenesis contains all 20 of the amino acids used in the genetic code to make proteins, including collagen, making this product a leader in amino acid skin care. But supporting collagen production isn’t the only benefit of using a high-quality amino acid product on your skin. These powerful ingredients, when used in the right combinations, can also help to rehydrate the skin, improve skin barrier function, rebalance skin surface pH, protect against free radical damage, aid in wound healing, and revitalize a dull, lackluster complexion. It is worth noting, however, that combining effective topical amino acid skin care products with a balanced diet rich in complete proteins like lean meat, soy, and quinoa is the best approach to ensuring that your body and skin are getting the essential amino acids they need to function at an optimal level. In addition, try to steer clear of foods and drinks that are high in sugar, as this substance plays a key role in the activation of a chemical process known as glycation, which can significantly accelerate the skin’s natural aging process [4].

In Summary

It’s no secret that paying attention to the substances that you put into your body can play a huge role in determining its overall health and appearance. But keep in mind that new diet and skin care fads like drinkable collagen may not always have the science to back them up. As a general rule of thumb, using a targeted approach will give you the best results when trying to improve the look and feel of your skin. If you’re new to amino acid skin care products, take a look at the revolutionary line of science-backed products by AminoGenesis. Also, be sure to sign up to become an AminoGenesis Insider for exclusive deals and offers and to stay up-to-date on the latest news in skin care.
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