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2023 Black Friday Photolagen-AGF Anti-Sun Damage Serum

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If You Are Concerned About Sun Damaged Skin,
You Are In The Right Place!

Nothing ages and damages your skin faster than the sun! Most of us love to have fun in the sun whenever possible, but it does take a major toll, especially on the facial areas. In addition to the sun other factors like the wind, pollution and temperature extremes can wreak havoc with our skin.  

Do You Have Any Of These Concerns?
  • Uneven or blotchy looking skin.
  • Discolorations or "age spots".
  • Dry, reddish, or flaky patches.
  • Loss of firmness and elasticity.
  • Dull skin tones.
  • Dehydrated "crinkled" areas of the skin.
  • Thick or deep wrinkles of the forehead or back of the neck.
  • Tiny spider veins.
  • Weathered or leathery looking skin.

If you have said yes to any of the above, then Photolagen-AGF should be your new best friend! Daily use of Photolagen-AGF can help restore the appearance of your skin for a more youthful look!

Image Of Typical Facial Sun DamageThe above photo is an example of the typical discoloration spots associated with sun damage.

Women Split Screen Showing Sun Damage

Sun Damage is not limited to just facial areas as it affects the appearance of the neck and chest areas as well.
Man And Women With Deep Forehead Wrinkles

Deep forehead wrinkles, or furrows, cause by the sun affect both men and women.

Amnd With Sundamge Under Eyes

Most people don't realize that tired, puffy or discolored under eye areas can also be caused by sun damage.

Graphic Of Sun Rays Hitting Skin

As illustrated above both UVA and UVB sun rays can penetrate deep into the lower levels of your skin. Prolonged exposure results in the appearance of skin cell damage. The appearance of sun damage is also cumulative and builds up over time.

Graphic Of Deep Sun Damage

This illustration shows the appearance of cumulative sun damage which now shows on the skin's surface. The appearance of the protein structure of the layers of the skin are seriously compromised. At this stage, the skin needs great care and the kind of nutrients that only Photolagen-AGF can supply.

    See Photolagen-AGF In Action!

    The appearance of sun damage can actually be seen below the skin before it appears of the surface. A special facial scan machine can see what's lurking just below. See the amazing results below! 

    Women With Sun Damaged Skin Before

    The special ultraviolet light used by this machine reveals where the appearance of sun damage is that is not yet visually seen by the eyes. Depleted and dehydrated skin does not reflect light, therefore the skin appears dark in many places. Additionally, the bright white areas of the scan show sun damage below the surface of the skin. This individual had massive sun damage lurking on the bridge and side of her nose!

    Women Sun Damage After Photo

    After using Photolagen-AGF for 60 days (twice daily/1 full bottle) the skin is much better hydrated as seen by the highly reflective skin colors and the white areas no longer appear!

    Man Ultra Violet Before Photo

    Sun Damage can look different in males. This male has almost no reflective color indicating very dry, dehydrated, and depleted skin. The white areas are not as prevalent as above case but are there are still some areas of concern.

    Man Ultra Violet Light After

    After using Photolagen-AGF for 60 days (twice daily/1 full bottle) the skin luminosity is vastly improved indicating well hydrated, healthier looking skin. White areas of concern are no longer visible. 

    Sun damaged skin needs intensive care! Why not make Photolagen-AGF part of your daily skin care routine starting today?
    • Photolagen-AGF was created to address the visible appearance of deep furrows, discoloration and weathered looking skin cause by too much exposure to the sun.

    • Photolagen-AGF is a super intense repair serum and has been shown to be very effective at helping to improve the appearance of dark spots, dryness and deep wrinkles associated with sun damage.

    • Photolagen-AGF is also an excellent choice for those who experience weather extremes throughout the year.

    • Photolagen-AGF delivers 17 different plant derived amino acids which form the Natural Moisturizing Factor. Your thirsty skin drinks this up to instantly rehydrate your skin.

    • Photolagen-AGF delivers the basic nutrients necessary for the rebuilding of collagen, elastin and 100's of other essential skin proteins. These amino acids form the DNA genetic code that becomes depleted from the sun. Amino acids are natural elements that help rebuild the appearance of the skin. Period!

    • Photolagen-AGF delivers a wondrous compound known as sodium PCA. This ingredient literally grabs moisture out of the air and draws into your skin for maximum, long lasting hydration 24/7!

    • Photolagen-AGF delivers the most powerful skin rejuvenating peptide available anywhere. This patented marvel, called Synthe'6, works to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin in 6 ways.

    No other serum on the market can delivers the anti-sun damage fighting power of Photolagen-AGF!

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    2 oz (60 ml) 

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