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e.y.e. control: Lid Lifting & Dark Circle Serum

E.Y.E Control Is The First Cosmetic Serum In History Designed To Lift, Tighten And Firm Droopy Upper Eyelids. 

E.Y.E Control Offers These Triple Benefits.

  • Lifts, Tightens And Firms Sagging Upper Eyelids
  • Reduces The Appearance Of Around The Eye Crows Feet
  • Reduces The Appearance Of Dark Circles                                

 "Hello, I just want to say that I have never ever contacted anyone regarding their product before. I ran into a girlfriend who I haven’t seen in a year. She looked at me and said what did you do to your face?. You had your eyes done didn’t you?. I said no I’ve been using this AminoGenesis E.Y.E. lifting serum. She then said you don’t have bags under your eyes and you don’t have dark circles either ! She said “you look great”! I just want thank you. Obviously it’s really working, and I’m thrilled. I just want to thank you for your product. Finally something that does what it says ! My son also commented come to think of it the other day that my skin looked great . I still haven’t finished the first bottle ( I bought 2)! Use it am and pm." Thank you again , Cathy 👍🏼😊

ABSOLUTE AMAZEMENT! "I have never written a beauty product review, but this is "the exception". Wow! This stuff really delivers on its design and function to lift the drooping eyelid(s) and lighten dark circles. Saw an immediate difference on day one. The more I use E.Y.E. Control, the less drooping I discover in the mornings. Thank you Amino Genesis! I cannot wait to try your other products. You have gained another fan and a customer for life." Dianne B.  March 2019 .   

  AMAZING! "I am a 50 year old man and I've always bothered by my aging eyes which gives me a tired look even though I have had an 8 hour of sleep. I've tried all the eye creams available in the market with no significant results. Even the eye concentrate from La Mer was not able to address my problem. Until I gave this product a try. At first I was skeptical. But after only a week of using the eye aminogenesis I already saw significant results. My eyes don't give me that tired look anymore. My upper eyelids have been lifted and my eye bags have been reduced by 75%. I'm amazed! Thank you aminogenesis for giving my confidence back 👍👍👍." Danny. March 2019 

"You know when you buy a product and cross your fingers it works the way they say it does, uncross those fingers. This product is amazing! I'm starting to look like myself again. Don't hesitate if you look in the mirror and wonder who's looking back, in a few weeks you'll find you again! Thank you for bringing this product to market, I thought I needed eye lid surgery, you've saved me thousands of dollars." Tricia F. May 2018



This one of the only products I’ve written review. After a couple of weeks use I noticed my eye lids were not over my eye. It’s amazing. Definitely recommend this product." Margaret B. 2/2019

 "I promise you if used in the am and before bed this really works. I've had friends ask if I've had an eye job!! This routine is cheaper for sure and works if you are vigilant in am and pm. All you need is a drop smaller than a pea!!" Cindy U. 2/2019

  "This is amazing. I had an "extra" eyelid (loose skin) on my upper lid, which I could literally pick up and pull out an inch from my eye. Eye shadow got stuck in this crease. It looked awful. Within a week of using this product, my upper lid is tight and flat- I can no longer "grab" that skin. My eyelid is flat and my upper eye looks normal now. I still have darkness under the eyes but I was mainly concerned about the upper lid. I've ordered a different product from another company for the lower eye darkness, which works in a completely different way. I'm very pleased with these results which have tightened my upper eyelid ."Mary Helen B.

  By far, this time s the best product for tightening the delicate skin around my eyes. I have tried many many products and none works as well as E.Y.E. on my eyelids. Thank you! A+++++ Dr. Jane G. 11/2018


 .75 oz (22 ml) Learn more about e.y.e control below. 

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Deionized Water (EAU), Diisostearyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Glycerin, Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract, Darutoside, Acrylates/C10-30Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin and Polysorbate -20.

Directions For Use.

Apply to upper eye lids and under eye area. Massage gently until absorbed. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If irritation occurs discontinue use. (Pour usage externe uniquement. Evitez le contact avec les yeux. Voir ingredients pour allergies connues).

Our Guarantee.

All AminoGenesis products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy you may return the product for a refund, store credit or exchange. 

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