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Flash Sale Reconstructing Facial Serum

Super Flash Sale On A Super Anti Aging Serum!

Yes, you can get our amazing $80 facial serum for Only $15! ( Full Size 2 month Supply)


Reconstructing Facial Serum Featuring Replexium.

Replexium Is the most important peptide breakthrough in 20 years! Replexium is a new generation of "Super Peptides" designed to provide results faster and better than other peptides currently available. See impressive results in 21 days!

 Please watch the below short video. It truly explains how amazing this peptide is!


10 Amazing Facts About Replexium

1) Replexium works faster than other peptides.

2) Replexium was created by BASF, the most respected laboratory in the world.

3) Replexium was invented by a team of 15 scientists in 2 countries.

4) Replexium targets new areas to help the skin recover and rebuild its youthful appearance.

5) Replexium works by stimulating new and different areas of the skin for amazing results.

6) Replexium is bio available and easily absorbs the skin to help the appearance of aging areas.

7) Replexium works fast and continues month after month, year after year.

8) Replexium fills a need currently not being met with any other product.

9) Replexium brings back the youthful appearance of multiple areas.

10) Replexium represents a new era in anti-aging skin care!

Q; What Is Replexium?
A: Replexium is a new super peptide designed to address areas of the skin no previous peptide has been able to help.

Q: How does Replexium work?
A: Replexium stimulates certain areas of the skin that have deficiencies that cause the aging appearance. Replexium essentially wakes up those areas providing younger looking skin in record time.

Q: Why are you offering such a great deal of this product?
A: Like any company we like new customers. We believe the best way to acquire them to offer a great product at an amazing intro price! We hope our new customers will then try some of our other amazing products too!

Q: Is there any gimmicks, or memberships I have to join?
A: NO! You get the full size regular Repelxium that normally sells for $80! There are no memberships, or recurring credit card billings. PERIOD!

Q: How many should I buy?
A: Replexium is a product you should use long term. Any good products takes time and by adding this product you can continue with great results, week after week, month after month. That's why we offer several buying options. THIS IS A ONE TIME OFFER. 

Maximum order of 6 per customers!



This is the real thing. I'm in my seventies & have spent a lot of time enjoying & working in the outdoors & my skin reflects that. This serum is fantastic at reducing the look of deeper wrinkles. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful serum! Dana L. Dayton,OH.

This serum has been amazing. My skin is so smooth and hydrated since I began using it. Its gel like formula sinks right in and begins doing its magic almost immediately. Fine lines are plumped, uneven texture is being repaired. Love this serum, as I do all Aminogenesis products. Sarah J. St. Louis,MO.

I love this product! I've been using it 2x daily for three weeks and have noticed an improvement in my skin tone as well as decreased crows feet. Highly recommend! Donna B. Newport Beach, Ca.

Love this. Have been using for a few weeks and I will definitely not allow myself to run out. Its on my favorite list. Laura E. NY,NY.

Was really excited to find Replexium Serum here at AminoGenesis...after watching the video I could hardly wait for it to arrive once I was able to order! Incredible results... If you are on the "fence" just Do It, you will be so Amazed With YOUR Results! Be one of the First to Experience THIS BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH IN PEPTIDE TECHNOLOGY IN 20 YEARS! Am so happy to have found AminoGenesis ... they are always first to have the latest in skin care for their customers! Barb P, Miami, Fl.

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