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 (Scene Opens up to ABC 4 Utah clip Ron sitting on couch being interviewed by woman) Welcome back everybody Ron from AminoGenesis
and I we're just talking about anti-aging, a topic that comes up
with my friends all the time and I'm sure a lot of you out there. You say
you've found a product that is going to revolutionize
the anti-aging skin care business.

(Scene focused on Ron)

Well what i can do is i can say that we've
developed this product and it will change the way people think about taking
care of their skin.

(Scene changes back to news woman and Ron on couch)

20 years ago I had this vision that if
I'm any good at this business

(Scene is focused on Ron)

I ought to be able to simplify skin care
and I ought to be able to make something so scientifically sound that it's... it's...
just you can't it can't be challenged.

(Scene changes back to news woman and Ron on couch)

Because you've been
studying and researching this for over two decades and what did you find?
(Scene focuses back on Ron) Well I've known for a long time that look there is a key. You know mother nature has a plan.

Truthfully and you know nature's got the
best plan ever and you know how we have an alphabet of 26 letters?

(Scene changes to a graphic of 20 naturally occurring elements)

Yes. Mother nature has an alphabet of 20 different naturally occurring elements.
These are them right here.

And they do everything for our skin. I
want you to think about what i just said.

They do everything. If you want hydration.
If you want you know more collagen. If

you want more elasticity. if you want less
wrinkles. if you want to get rid of discoloration.
These are the only elements on the planet that are actually
capable of doing what every other product claims it does.

And Ron do we find these in items that we're using at home,
some of them, all of them, work together?

Well here's the thing, to my disappointment if you go look at a hundred products,
you might not find one and then sometimes you'll find one or two
but you cannot complete the task without all 20.

(Scene changes to Ron and news woman on couch)
And due to our you know, aging process due to our lousy diets as a rule... We
don't have enough of these naturally occurring amino acids in our system.
We just don't. So what we have to do is we have to replace them.
Because no matter what you want your skin care product to do it cannot do it
unless it has an  ample supply of these 20.

(Scene changes back to news woman and Ron on couch)

So you found when you put all of these together that everything you're hoping for in your skincare routine is there in one bottle? That's exactly right these
are the 20 matter what you've been told ever... without these twenties... This is it?

(Ron applies AminoTherapy to woman's hand)

And this is it right here. What's it called Ron?
It's called AminoTherapy.

AminoTherapy and all you do is you use
it in the morning, in the evening. It's completely all
natural. It's plant-based. There are no parabens or waxes that's
exactly instantaneous, no fragrance.
One of the reasons why it took so long is i needed a really special
patented delivery system that would

(Scene focuses back on Ron)

allow these aminos to penetrate deepest
at deep as possible and that just was just
came up in the last couple of years. So I have a patented delivery system
and I've harnessed the power of mother nature's secret to
20 different of her letters to spell out
beautiful skin.

(News woman is touching the back of her hand and referencing to it)

I don't know if you can

see how quickly that absorbed into my
skin and look at that it almost has that
plumping effect instantly. You know, it it's absolutely fantastic.
Now what's interesting I got this blue one right here...
now look, you ladies and if for you guys that might be watching...
Obviously most guys hate skin care products that ladies have.
This is for guys. They can use that? This is for you. The reason the blue one is is because men have a different need in how they use
these alphabetical uh characters and so that's incorporated to here there's more
of one kind than another.

For instance guys need more Lysine than
women do that's reflected in here.

Okay so something for both of you and
something for our viewers.

But a single product. You can get rid of

toners, typical moisturizers, all your

those tasks are all performed by these
20. You do not need

anything more as long as you have an
ample supply of these 20 in your skin everyday.

One item in your arsenal that has all of
those 20 right in the same location.

(Screen changes to company info and discount graphic)

Here's what you need to do if you want
to know more about amino therapy.

You can go to the website on your screen
and also don't forget to use AT10

for a 10%
discount go to our website and we will

link you There it is right there...

Ron thank you so much. Always a pleasure! Good to see you.

That's the good hand now too. All right
we'll be right back.


*** END***

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